KBIBROKERAGE is here to help you to insure your Assets or Properties Like any combo, Commercial Insurance, your home ,auto insurance and TLC policies belong together. Whatever your insurance coverage needs are, we're here to help life go right

What We Offer

Almost anything of value can be insured to protect against loss due to a variety of circumstances. We offers Insurance policies, are very specific in the items they protect and in what event the policy holders will be reimbursed.

We Insure

Selecting the right insurance involves careful research and evaluating many different options for coverage. This is why many people use an insurance Broker or Agency like us please approach us at kbiagency.com to assist with making the right choice depending on your needs and financial situation. Agency often interview potential or current clients to get an idea of which insurance policies would benefit them the most. Based on needs and individual risk, agents can often give potential customers a quote, as we offered free quotes to our Visitors, which serves as a cost estimate for a specific policy. This is only a rough idea of what the policy will cost, because evaluating the risk associated with a given customer can take time. Insurance companies often compile an insurance score to quantify the risk an individual poses and calculate premiums accordingly.

Personal Insurance 95%
Commercial Insurance 100%
TLC Insurance 98%
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